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ALMOND HAIR OIL 200 ML [hoalm002]

Loaded with Almond Oil and other healthy nutrients which maximize hair health and growth. This oil also has high levels of Vitamin E, commonly known to effectively moisturize and condition hair. It softens and reconditions hair and scalp, eliminating frizzy-brittle hair and its nourishing properties smooth hair cuticles, bringing out deep shine
₹135.00 ₹165.00

Amla Hair oil 200ml [hash002]

Prepared with a rich combination of Amla extracts and other essential herbs promote hair growth and pigmentation. It strengthens the hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, keeps dandruff away, straightens your hair, prevents split ends and nourishes your hair. It also prevents premature growing of hair and stops hair loss. This oil has a cooling effect when applied to the scalp and apparently, it keeps the mind cool and promotes sound sleep leaving your hair with a rich, natural shine and silky texture
₹130.00 ₹165.00


Rosa-Bella Classic Chameli Hair Oil is enriched extracts of Jasimine and other essential oils. This Hair oil enhances hair growth creating a volumes appeal that is rich in texture and healthy in appearance. Jasmine is known for its anti-depressanr and confidence boosting traits and has a cooling effect on the scalp and acts as a natural conditioner giving you a ample nourishment for long and strong hair while controlling hair fall.

Coconut Hair Oil Vasco 500 gm [hsp01]

Coconut Oil deeply conditions your hair, reducing friction and nourishing hair. Increases hair growth and reducing frizz, it also works as a Hair SunScreen and Shampoo treatment. It protects from lice and other hair problems.
₹180.00 ₹200.00


Nefer's Diamond Anti wrinkle cream works on Free Radicals and stimulates skin's natural Collagen production. It also stimulates elastic and allows new cells to grow
₹185.02 ₹240.00


₹169.99 ₹190.00


Nefer’s Formula Gold Insta Glow Face Pack is enriched with anti inflammatory gold dust and anti- bacterial joshuatree extracts. The products is formulated to pull out toxinsand impurities from the skin pores giving you healthy, glowing and bright effect
₹800.00 ₹950.00


A gentle, yet effective hair remover with the moisturizing benefits of lily oil. It contains an advanced hair remover cream that effectively dissolves away unwanted hair which works in as little as 4 minutes and leaves your skin soft and smooth with longer lasting results. This Hair removal cream Is enriched with moisturizing properties and natural ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft and velvety and the effect stays much longer
₹108.00 ₹200.00

Sea Buckthorn Orange VitaminC 100 m [FWSBTO001]

It is loaded with natural sea buckthorn extracts. Sea Buckthorn is a natural agent which removes stickiness and excess sedum of the facial skin while retaining the natural moisture and goodness. Fresh orange extracts allows your skin to breathe freely, restore itself naturally and look smoother and healthier than ever
₹110.00 ₹155.00

STEVIA Natural Sweetner [hsst01]

Tastes like Sugar Behaves like Herb Energy Management • 100% Natural, Sugar Free • & good for Diabetes • Anti-Oxidant • Zero Calorie • Anti Diabetic
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