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KIMO KAIZEN LIVER CARE SYRUP Supports regulation of lipid metabolism in liver Helping in providing relief from liver disorder Regularizing secretion of bile Providing repair as well as rejuvenation to liver cells Helping in improving liver detoxification Supports treatment of Jaundice Helps in improving metabolism Supports improvement of digestion and regulation of lipids Supports meeting the treatment needs of NAFLD & Cirrhosis Pure herbal content Has no side effect.
₹130.01 ₹145.00

Polytos 369 [hspoly369]

Polytos 3 6 9 has been purified to reduce environmental toxins such as mercury, pesticide, PCBs & DDT. Polytos 3 6 9 contains high level of Omega 3 fatty acid EPA and DHA.
₹174.99 ₹195.00


Spirulina is a fantastic source of antioxidants, which can protect against oxidative damage.It also has long been revered for its ability to strengthen the immune system
₹650.02 ₹750.00

ELIX R UME Jamun [umejmn]

₹324.99 ₹450.00

Fat 2 Fit FatCutterK [cjf2f]

Elix-R Fat 2 Fit, Fat Cutter is a unique blend of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Guggulu, Gurmaar, Triphala, Methi and Aloevera. Most of the modern weight reduction techniques are temporary in nature, however Fat 2 Fit is designed for permanent results.
₹875.06 ₹975.00

Guggul [HSG001]

GUggalu produces a resinous sap known as gum GUggalu. The extract of this gum, called gugulipid, guggulipid or guggulipid, has been used in UNANI & Ayurvedic medicine for reducing obesity, as well as in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica
₹203.99 ₹290.00


Allergic cough, asthma, stamina and fertility, excessive thirst, toxicity and nausea.
₹204.00 ₹240.00

Dengi Gone [phedg001]

Papaya leaf extract is said to stop the destruction of platelets. It has the ability to fight the infection, revive platelets & improve white blood. It is rich in vitamin and mineral content & has excellent properties, to fight dengue. The enzymes found in papaya leaf, are Chymopapain and papin, help in reviving the platelet count. Giloy is useful in strengthening the immune system and buildsup the body’s defence against infections. It increases the killing ability of the macrophages in the body, responsible for fighting with the microorganisms and foreign bodies
₹448.00 ₹560.00

Dia Cure Advanced 900ml [cjdbOc900]

Dia Cure Advanced 900ml Herbal Miracle For Complete Diabetic Care
₹860.06 ₹960.00


Brahmi is an important food for Yogis and improves meditation. It calms the heart and helps guard against heart attack. Brahmi is perhaps the most important nervine herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It revitalizes the brain cells, removing toxins and blockages within the nervous system, while at the same time have a nurturing effect upon the mind.
₹324.99 ₹450.00

ELIX R GOYA Karela [phgya]

Karela (Bitter Gourd) is used in the treatment of diabetes to lower the blood sugar levels. It is helpful in HIV support, Psoriasis, blood sugar lowering, etc. The ripe fruit has also exhibited anti cancer effects, especially in Leukemia. In traditional medicine of India different parts of the plant are used to relieve diabetes, as a stomachic, laxative, antibilious, emetic, anthelmintic agent, for the treatment of cough, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, wounds, ulcer, gout and rheumatism
₹324.99 ₹450.00
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